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Just Peachy in this City

PeachyGal77 was my first AIM screen name. I’ve always loved peaches. It’s only fitting that I’d find myself exploring the peachy state.


I hope she’ll be a fool — that’s the best thing a girl can be in this world, a beautiful little fool.
-Great Gatsby

Home of the world’s busiest airport, Coca-Cola and the largest cable-supported stadium dome, the alpha city of Hotlanta is a fun one, especially since I get to stay at my family’s place here in Buckhead while they globe trot.


Buckhead is Atlanta’s posh neck of the woods, named after a local general store owner who killed a deer and mounted it to the wall. The name stuck ever since.

At one time, it was illegal to put an ice cream cone in your back pocket here. Thank goodness, that law has been abolished.

The other night, we walked over to the St. Regis for drinks before heading to a celebratory feast of a dinner at Chops Lobster bar.


Quite the tall drink of water, eh?


So yum.

I’ve been fortunate to do some fun activities outside of working here: long walks through the ‘hood; a girls night potluck dinner (I made a take on this salad); an enticing speakeasy finding; gym explorations (travel tip- get that free week trial pass at gyms), and best of all, being treated by best friends to a fiery dinner of smoked salmon chips, salad speckled with fruit, bronzed scallops over melt-in-your-mouth gouda grits, pico de gallo and smoked tomato broth. Spice and everything nice.

Aside from work and play, I’ve been keeping this little lady plenty of company as a world class dog sitter.


Is this a lasting treasure
Or just a moment’s pleasure?


I’ve perhaps had a little too much time alone, but oh how it produces bold sentiments.

Self reflections.


Pull myself together, put on a new face,
Climb down off the hilltop, baby,
Get back in the race.
-Alman Brothers

I’ve found no matter how busy I stay, I can’t fight feelings. They’re fleeting, albeit seemingly anything but at the time of arrival.

Our desire for control has no effect on the proposed outcome. The effort put in does not necessarily equal the supposed desired solution, especially when it comes to people, so knowing this, let’s divert the focus for a second. It’s funny how we so think we know what we want, when ultimately, we find a way to deal in any situation. Or we don’t. And that is the life.

Thoughts and energy spent on a blocked individual have no correlation to outcome. Ultimately, we are selfish in action. We are mostly powerless over our feelings. Understanding this is paramount to in essence, gaining power. In other words, let it be.

Stay peachy. Or sugary.


Keep calm and meow on.


You’re the referee of your life right meow.


If I’ve fallen down the rabbit cat hole, pay me no mind, and enjoy the music.

Do try and surrender control. A trick for your weekend: If you’re trying to change something, focus on how to do it right instead of what NOT to do.



Center your energy. It’s all we got…well sort of…okay I’m off.


Oh wait, who am I kidding, I forgot to mention I was a Kat for Halloween. Original huh?


Zen Kat does Cat Pose

What was your Halloween costume?


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