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You, no, Idaho

Howdy from the great state of Idaho. What’s here? Other than the drum corps’ performance, I’m not quite sure. Just kidding, Kind of. Pretty views though.


We’re here in Kuna, Idaho, right outside of Boise. I went for a run today through the little country downtown.


I made a pit stop at the playground for some yoga and calisthenics.


Being a grown up is so over-rated. 😉

And so is skipping desserts for diets. My motto is to eat healthy and enjoy dessert.


We have kitchen staff here who do a pretty good job of feeding us, yet we still make time to go out for a dessert or two.


My kind of people.

While in Idaho, it was only fitting for me to try the chocolate bar that Idaho is known for…


This thing was interesting. It was a chocolate bar drenched in coconut with a chocolate marshmallow cream on the inside. Not my favorite, but you couldn’t tell by my empty wrapper.

Later in the evening, our tour bus driver (who tells us crazy stories from the rockstar musicians that he’s driven in Nashville), Cookie bought us cupcakes. Check out this talent.

Laughter is the best recipe for living completely in the moment,

along with some freedom in the fresh air.


Sunshine, daydream, walking in the tall trees, going where the wind goes
Blooming like a red rose, breathing more freely


One potato, two potato, I hear there’s more.

Next stop… Utah!

on_the_road_again‘Cuz we’re on the road again.


What’s the longest road trip you’ve been on? Hate it? Love it?


  • Leslee @ Her Happy Balance

    Longest road trip was 11.5 hrs from PA to NC. I didn’t hate it, but I didn’t love it either. The only food at pit stops on the highway was fast-food so I ate some pretty awful breakfasts and lunches. But in general, I love car rides. I like to zone out or talk to my fellow roadtrippers 🙂 The Idaho Spud sounds intense lol, lots of sweetness there!

  • Francene Katzen

    So fun to see all the places you are going to these days. This small town really reminds me of WVA. Great pictures!

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