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A Grand Vegas Adventure

Ever heard that expression, wherever you go there you are?

As a traveler, I’m constantly experiencing novelties, making new connections and broadening my outlook. It’s easy to thrive off consistent change. The uncertainty blurs boundaries, but no matter your destination, you are still you underneath it all, and that’s a beautiful thing.

Hello Las Vegas!

the zen kat vegas

I’m getting some cousin bonding time over here in Neh-vad- ah. Shera’s a local here, so I’m getting all the exclusive details of this wild city. #guestlists and #bottleservice

Surrender Night Club

Surrender Vegas

We hit Surrender Night Club last night after a sweet Mexican feast over at El Segundo Sol.

El segundo sol

Sipping, munching and chatting, the staff sent us a tasty dessert, making us feel quite Flantastic.

flantastic flan

From the east to west, flying high to touching down, cruising strip to climbing in the wilderness, my hunger for sight seeing can’t be tamed.

Wherever you are today, make it an adventure.

a grand adventure

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