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Get what You want

What’s the key to getting physically fit? It starts with actively and insatiably crafting the right mindset.


You can convince yourself to like anything. How? Just as we find ourselves in unappealing mindsets, like laziness or apathy, we can just as quickly find ourselves recuperating with the best life choices, like exercising. Why would anyone choose to be lazy? We easily float to dark spaces when we lose focus and forget to direct attention to our mindset.


Cognitive abilities are too-often over looked when it comes to fitness.

Let’s start with the root- “I hate working out.” The more you say this, the more you believe it and hold to it. The kicker is, as humans, we’re made to exercise. It’s only society’s switch that’s reverted this need.


When we remind ourselves of the importance of exercise, we can learn to like it.

Tell yourself you want to go to the gym. Find the good in the workout. Make the challenge a thrill. Be cognizant of the reward at the end. Zealously understand your need to workout.


You can teach yourself to truly cherish something you once hated. Determination. Drive. Expand your mindset and you will glean the acceptance of change and the passion to exercise.


And with that, have a fabulous weekend!



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