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Flying Peabody Birds

I’m back in Charlottesville after a fun trip in the majestic south lands.


Grant and I spent the night before last at the Peabody Hotel a charming spot to freshly remember. the_peabody_bathroom

We watched the infamous duck march during the day and again at night…

…And lapped in luxury downstairs at the bar. It had a refreshingly calm atmosphere, ideal for the work-while-you-relax types, like me.


Once daylight passed, we walked 10 feet over to explore Beale street!

10_feet_off_bealeWe cruised the strip and decided to hit the hay early in favor of getting up early and venturing through Mud Island, so naturally, I awoke feeling refreshed.


Comfy pajamas: Victoria’s Secret

After a quick #stopdropandyoga, we were ready for breakfast at the Capriccio Grill.



Breakfast is the best meal of the day, especially when you get a good night sleep and avoid late night munchies.


An egg white frittata married with fresh spinach, diced tomatoes, onion, mushrooms, and peppers. I added cheddar cheese for extra flair and enjoyed the fruit and toast with the cutest little jellies on the side.

All fueled up and ready to conquer the city.


Dress: Free Peoplememphis_bridgeBefore long, flights were calling and it was time to part ways. Grant headed back to San Francisco and yours truly to Virginia for nacho lovers. I may have added an extra word in that phrase. 😉


My flight was delayed, so I had to kill time and enjoy the airport restaurants for all of their glory. It’s always fun talking to passengers and employees in airports.

travel_with_longchampPurse: Longchamp (the best travel bag)

Time to fly home like the little birds at the Peabody.


Tell me, what are your tricks and tips to getting through long days of air travel?


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