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A Dream Job

Well, it’s official. I’ve found my dream job.

zen facebook

Even my travel buddy was amazed.

facebook visitor love

Facebook gets a lot of flack, but all successful companies have haters.

Let’s face it, you know you’ve made it when you’ve got haters. This is the company to be jealous of. The entire campus is immaculate. Everything from the wall decorations to the food has been carefully planned. At Facebook, the employees are the best in their field of work. No half-hearted motivations here. Facebook expects the best and provides the cream de la cream. Boy, do they take care of their innovative, tireless employees.

lunch at facebook

All organic produce here.

salad at facebook

This is the future- an enjoyable work space.

Psychology weaved into business. It spawns hard working, loyal teams who truly understand the importance of clearly communicated collaboration.

The energy here was more than palpable, it was forceful. This is one exciting energy tank! “Zen” was used to describe the place more than once. You know I was pleased. Receiving all this stimulating energy, I likely had to reciprocate.

handstands at facebook

My favorite part about this place was all the creative mediums that stimulate team members to ignite a better future.

As if this experience wasn’t sweet enough, we topped our tour off with a visit to the sweet shop. Oh baby.

facebook dessert shop

Our tour wouldn’t have been so contagiously exciting had it not been for my friend Anu, especially since he usually only gives tours to large businesses.

Anurag Instagram pose

I tried to stop him from this dangerous pose, but he was committed to making our Facebook and Instagram experience #onpoint. 😉

After Facebook, I dragged Sara we were off Google where we discussed our aspirations in a Google-y conference room. Sara is already changing the world as a kindergarten teacher, while I hope to continue serving small businesses to continue a conversation through social media marketing endeavors.Google conference room

What’s your dream job? Why not go for it?

nothing is impossible


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