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Create Your State

I got to galavant with my trumpet-clad pal, Mike to explore the University of Oklahoma (one of his alma maters) while in Norman, Oklahoma yesterday.
Norman has a quaint little area full of restaurants and bars for students like Charlottesville where we got coffee at a Cafe Plaid.
Later in the day, we hit The Library Bar and Grill for drinks with friends. Cheers to libations at the library.


That evening, it was all about nature’s blues. Or blues in nature.



Mike’s friend Trevor came along with his saxophone in tow and the two artfully played away the evening.
It was only fitting that I do a little yoga in my blue jeans.

In the midst of my travels these past few days from Missouri to Oklahoma to Texas, I think there’s a secret to our current state

Uncertainty floods upon arrival.
If I can only get to this certain state.
Blindly mystified by the allusion.
But who defines the dimensions of the state?

The secret is that your value is never actually enough. You will never be thin enough, rich enough, strong enough, or smart enough. Not because you aren’t, but because you’re mind will always be striving for more until it gives up or becomes side tracked by another goal.

The pursuit of enough is your driving force. Acceptance is no small feat.
Instead of focusing on “not being enough,” center yourself to encourage productivity. We define our own enough.

Wherever you are, be there. It’s hard to let it go, so just let it be. Free.silly_yoga_times


I can honestly say that I’ve had one of the best days in the least likely state of Oklahoma. It’s OK. And it just goes to show how un-limiting a state can truly be.

Create your own truth and some sort of solace will follow.

“Freedom’s just another word for nothin’ left to lose.”


What goal do you constantly find yourself wishing to own?


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