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Concrete Jungle Where Teams are Made Of

“In the high country of the mind one has to become adjusted to the thinner air of uncertainty, and to the enormous magnitude of questions asked, and to the answers proposed to these questions. The sweep goes on and on and on so obviously much further than the mind can grasp one hesitates even to go near for fear of getting lost in them and never finding one’s way out.”


Top: Ella Moss; Pants: Hard Tail

Travel on traveler. The traveling bug is real.

Where, oh where have I been? Since my last post, I spent a night in DC and two nights in NYC before jetting off to Israel for 10 days. I figured I’d break up the past 2 weeks into 2 blog posts. How fitting. Israel will be in the next post, I promise.


Cutoffs: Urban Outfitters; Wedges: Michael Koors; Wristlet: Coach

While in DC, I got dinner with some lovely college friends at a delicious Mexican restaurant in Georgetown called El Centro D.F.


el_centro_df¡Lo delicioso!

Cheers to college friends who are forever friends.

UVA_cheers_DCUbers of laughter and allusions throughout the city.

uber_rides_around_DCBut seriously, Uber is one hellUVA service when you’re motor skills won’t cut it. 😉


Before catching our NYC flight the next day, my trusty travel buddy, Sara and I grabbed lunch with another college buddy, Colleen, at The Brown Bag.

The_brown_bag_arlingtonA few stops and we were en route to the airport.

Me: (While Sara is driving) Can you take a left here?
Sara: Well I am

Both of us: Wait, what time is our flight? Where’s my passport? Do we need boarding passes?

#Clueless in our travels

But it’s the best way to be. No expectations, just living in the moment.


sarz_and_shmalzWe stayed in an AirBnB in NYC for two nights before Israel. We hit The Smith for drinks and apps with friends and then a super secret speakeasy.out_in_nyc

Speakeasies have cool old fashion cocktails with extra pizazz.

But not nearly enough as this girl who happened to also be in NYC for a few days.


Bring on the giggles and excitement. Sorority sisters know how to get down.


I somehow managed to convince the girls to go on a tech startup tour over at FourSquare with my friend Tom.

Sara: Where’s this “Tom?”
Alex: He said he’s 5 minutes away.
Boots: Alex, did you make him up again??

Don’t worry, he did finally arrive. 🙂

4square_NYC_officeAfter I got my inner geek on, we went to Yuca Bar & Restaurant in East Village for dinner.


In New York…Yuca_BarConcrete jungle where teams are made of
There’s no one you can’t see


One of my favorite parts about traveling is getting a group together to go out and enjoy it all. So little time so many friends. Just know it never ends.new_york_city_lights

Our final day in the city concluded with a coffee shop stop and a sionara brunch at Cafe Orlin.


Cafe_Orlin_NYCBefore we knew it, it was time to hail it to JFK airport to catch our flight to Zurich> Tel Aviv.

“Our seats aren’t together so let’s tell people we need to sit together because we have snacks we have to share.”

israel_adventuresThe Israeli adventures are coming soon. Sababa!

Hope everyone is having a great summer!



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