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Bend to Balance



True story, the crazy people of SF actually let me drive a 200-person yacht under the Golden Gate Bridge last weekend.

Despite my risk-inclined personality that throws me behind the wheel or upside down, my mind feels so far from balanced most days.


Allusively illusive.


The mind is an unclaimed territory. Openings for novelty. Let your musings take mindful precedence.

Mantras are always great. You are a [insert noun here]. You have passion and drive. The power to connect with others is unlearned and unusual. When times get low, look up. Find your ambition. The career goal is one that will never leave your side unlike most things in life. Stay focused. You are you and that’s powerful. Passion is an amazing thing. No need to tell yourself to act confident. You are and so be it. Fearless. Effortless. Lovely. Dreaming. Forever moving. Go.

If you can’t fly, then run.
If you can’t run, then walk.
If you can’t walk, then crawl.
But whatever you do, you have to keep
moving forward.

Life is like riding a bicycle. To keep your balance, you must keep moving.

Oh, squirrel!


Try finding your balance, physically. If you want something bad enough, I’ve found habit to be a friend.

Don’t sweat it.
If meant to be,
life will surely vet it;
No need to plea.

Life has a way of teaching us how to live. worklifebalancequotes

Chaos is more fun [and by default, easier], don’t forget. Distraction is always there. Diversify the portfolio.



You can’t stop the wave, but you can certainly learn how to surf.


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