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A Carnival at Work

When your company throws a circus, you don’t ask why.


You just ask what time the shuttle arrives.


Medicine Man-226


I feel pretty fortunate getting to work here. The book provides an unstoppable amount of resources, not to mention how many cool people I’ve met (celeb sightings for sure, but obvi mums the word). 😉

I’ve even given my friends and family tours through campus.




But back to the more current circus… techparties

It was a spectacle to say the least.


A UFO Bounce, 4-way joust, carousel bounce, human bowling, rock n’ roll joust, cub bounce and even a lady cruising around on stilts and hanging from ceiling hoops.


Caricatures, fortune tellers, balloon artists and face painters.

Candids 645

Carnival games interlaced with circus school photo ops. Beat boxers and contortionists. Awful karaoke (I’m talking world recored bad, like cover-your-ears-and-run style) thankfully sweetened with cotton candy and churros. There were tables constantly replenished with savory Indian food when your stomach started singing louder than the karaoke folks.

(Believe it or not, I didn’t take a single food pic. I know, it’s totally crazy and unfortunate, so these photos will have to suffice.)



It was a fun day with even better company, because it’s always about the people.


And now my weekend begins. It seems like I was just on a plane 2 weeks ago, and now I’m back at it this weekend for a wedding in good ole’ Virginia.


Cheers to the weekend. Got any fun plans?

Keep it zen, ya’ll.


tiburoncaliforniaThese last two photos were taken on a stroll through Tiburon (an adorable city overlooking the bay, just north of SF) and have nothing to do with the carnival, I just felt they added the right dose of zen to the post and who doesn’t need more zen in their life? (Crickets imply rhetorical, duh.) Catch ya on the flip side friends.



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